I was born and grew up in India near Delhi. I was born to an accountant Indian father and a psychic Pakistani mother. In our neighbourhood, my mother and grandmother were called upon to perform healings and blessings for those who were sick and those who needed protection.   My family’s ancestral land has a known djinn temple.  Every 3-4 months, we open the gates to the temple to allow villagers and those making pilgrimage, to enter our land and make their wishes at the temple.  It is not open to the public, nor a tourist site.  The djinn that I offer, are all bound in this location.  I should stress, this temple is on private land.  It is not open to the public; in the past people have decided to trespass on our land and found themselves in trouble.    Djinn on my ancestral lands, can only be bound by those in my lineage.   Do not be a fool to invite yourself where you have not been invited.

My first metaphysical experience occurred when I was 7 years old. My mother observed me speaking to someone; my deceased grandfather. I remember it vaguely but I do remember thinking I was having a real conversation with my grandfather and wondered why siblings could not see him too. I remember asking him why he didn’t visit us anymore, where had he gone?

This began my path into the metaphysical world. My mother and grandmother taught me everything they knew, and taught me how to develop my skills both as a clairvoyant and healer.

That is how my interest with the djinn developed. It was with my grandmother’s assistance that I learned about the djinn and about their ways. How to summon them, how to work with them, how to care for them. It has been a learning process for almost 50 years. And this is how I came to work with djinn.

Naturally I also have an interest in paranormal activity. I am very much interested in all types of spirits and spiritual energy.