When a djinn is adopted, the “owner” must perform a ritual to bond the djinn. This is a simple ceremony that announces the djinns new master, owner, companion etc (whatever you may call it).

Anytime someone adopts a djinn from me, I always do a bonding ceremony on my side to let the djinn know it has a new owner, and that it will be going to a new environment. The ceremony you can say, is like an “introduction”. Djinn meet your new owner, new owner, meet your spiritual entity.

Once you receive my djinn, you must complete the instructions I send to you to finalize the ceremonial bonding. Then bonding continues by communication, thought, visualization, meditation, etc. Speaking to your djinn, holding it close to you, keeping it in your energy field and so on.

Once a djinn is bonded to you, it is your responsibility to prove your loyalty to the djinn. Remember, the djinn do not like to be neglected so make sure you are available to your djinn at all times