The most important thing to remember is that the djinn must always feel respected, cared for and admired. If you neglect a djinn, it will retreat and hide itself from you. Here are the basic things you should know about djinn care, with more details supplied to my buyers (this is to prevent people from stealing my information which I have gathered for 50 years).

1. Before your djinn arrives, create a safe place or location for the djinn. Recall the element of your djinn and try to bring those elements in your space if possible, or colours associated with those elements.

2. Bond with your djinn, by speaking, closing your eyes, feeling and sending your heartfelt emotion to the djinn. The djinn will know that you are sincere and loyal, and eager to receive it’s help.

3. Show gratitude. Always thank your djinn for it’s help and assistance. Ensure that you say thank you to the djinn every time you work with it and every time you make a request. Never assume the “master” role, treat your djinn as an equal. Should you do this, the djinn will prove its loyalty to you by rewarding you with what you desire.

These are the most basic care instructions. Those who purchase a djinn from me will receive greater detail in my djinn manual.