Marid djinn represent water. They are the wisest and oldest of the Djinn. Excellent for all metaphysical & spiritual desires such as psychic ability, mediumship, astrotravel, communicating with spirits, telepathy, etc. The Marid will also grant extreme wealth, help in business and prosperity and matters of finance as they are ideal for abundance of any type.

Ifrit djinn represent fire. The Ifrit are specialists of passion, love, sex, lust, relationships. Anything related to the body, sexuality, love, relationships, it is recommended that you call upon the Ifrit for assistance.

Shaitan djinn represent air. Ideal for your mischief making. Revenge, bad luck, negative energy and so oon. If you want trouble for someone else, best use a Shaitan to do the work because a Shaitan will do it in the way that only they know how. Shaitan are also protective spirits and while they are mischief makers, they will not cause mischief for their owners.

Jann djinn represent earth. They are one of the youngest of the djinn and ideal for those who have never used a dinn before. They represent the earth, stability and so if you want more money, new job, etc the Jann is for you.