Blessing/Healing | 6 Months



For a long time, I have offered blessings and healings for my clients, in all areas. I hold the belief that any blessing and spellwork requires time and energy.  Just as it takes months to earn the idealized physical body through training and exercise, it takes time and energy to transform the energy at the atomic level to transform a situation or circumstance to our favor. 

I can help with:
Abundance and Wealth
Love and Relationships
Career & Promotion
Mental Health & Well Being
Spirit Removal & Protection
Protection Against Negative Energy
And so much more

One of the first clients I ever had, asked me to do a health blessing for his wife. She had cancer and he wanted help. He purchased a 1 year blessing from me. After 1 year, his wife was cancer free.  After two years, she was still cancer free. Now, almost 30 years later, she is healthy as ever.  He is one of my longest and dearest clients and has given me permission to share this story. 

To do your blessing, I will be using healing work and ceremonies, every single day, for a 6 month period. The ceremonies range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day.  This work is recommended highly for those who do not want to purchase a djinn or use a djinn.   This cost includes the cost of all materials and supplies, for 180 day period, or roughly $6/day.  I do this for your betterment and happiness; I do not charge much but these charges do seem high to those who are unaware that actual supplies must be purchased, custom tailored to each person and their situation.