Lottery Reading



This lottery reading is is for ONE lottery. I will give you a set of lottery numbers that will help you win. I will let you know when you should start playing and what your lucky timeframe is.

I will need:
Your full name
Lottery name
Quantity of Numbers
Range of Numbers

After doing this meditation, I will deliver the numbers that have been given for YOU.  My clients have won anywhere from $10 000 to Jackpot wins. I have one customer who has won the lottery 3 times and has been in the news several times as a “lucky” winner.

I cannot tell you how much you will win, that will be decided by the universe.  I cannot tell you an exact date of when you will, that is chosen by the Universe. What I give is a timing of when I feel the period is lucky for you, based on the information given to me by Spirit. 

This is not for those who have doubt.  This is for those who truly want to win and can be patient for the win.  And with that, I share the true story of a client who was given 7 numbers and a timeframe of a few months.  He started to play the numbers early and gave up after a few short months.  I told him it was too early to play, and that he should have waited and played as I directed him.  To his surprise, my numbers were declared the jackpot winning numbers almost 7-8 months later.  He contacted me in sadness, if he had more faith in me he would have won nearly $50 million in the jackpot prize. 

This is why faith is important. Faith, determination and acceptance.  You must accept that once I give you these numbers, the win is yours.  If you want to doubt and worry, then this is not for you. If you cannot be patient, this is not for you.  Please consider this as blunt and honest advice; this is truly for those who have the patience to receive what will be theirs.

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