1) Experience. My family has passed down for generations, knowledge and know-how of the djinn and their ways. In other words, I’ve been dealing with djinn since I was a child because it was ingrained in my culture and way of life. Please read about my family and ancestors here.

2) Gifted Psychic. I can feel, sense and hear that which others cannot. It’s always mind-boggling to me how someone can say they feel the energy of a spirit, but they can’t do a psychic reading. They are one and the same; the FEELING of energy.

3) Honesty. Anyone who has come to me for a reading will know that I do not sugar coat. I do not tell you what you want to hear. I carry that honesty with me in every dealing of my life including work with djinn, spirits and healings.

4) Testimonials. If you haven’t already, browse through my testimonials and you will see that people who have purchased djinn from me have always been satisfied and happy.

5) Knowledge. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working with djinn since I was a child. It was part of my culture and tradition, learned from my mother and grandmother. I find it interesting that those who claim to be “djinn experts” know nothing about the Quaran, Islam or Arabic traditions. How can such a person be a “djinn expert”?